Tweets of the Day: EHF days 3 and 4.

I’ve done a quick count, and I think that in 2012, when a few, valiant, individuals started tweeting about our time in Blackpool, we amassed around 160 tweets for the entire conference.

(A quick note, it is very hard to analyse tweets from EHF as there seems to be a handball tournament that occasionally uses the same hashtag! Surely an idea for a future conference quiz..)

I *think* this year it was closer to 600, not yet quite at the level of TED, but enough to maintain some lively debate both amongst those attending the sessions, and those not able to attend.

Obviously I wasn’t able to attend all the sessions, and in fact often found that my duties as President meant I couldn’t attend many of the parallel sessions, so it was great to get some views of these sessions through twitter. Some highlights are below:

There was a very popular workshop led by Claire Williams (@claire_dr) on multidisciplinary teams:

And lively discussion around E/HF in healthcare

Our events chair Pat talked on patient safety culture

And Paul Wittington presented on powered wheelchairs

The secretariat did a great job throughout the conference, and deserved to get out of those t-shirts into their smart clothes for the annual dinner

A series of papers covered E/HF and manufacturing

And the hotel continued to have the most extensive E/HF analysis it has ever experienced

And, all too quickly, it was over…

On second thoughts, maybe that last one was about handball….

Tweets of the Day: EHF days 3 and 4.

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